Duo Fees

Basic Wedding Fee:      $450.00
Wedding Rehearsal:       $150.00 (one musician)
Additional Performance Time:   add $175.00 per hour per musician
Holiday Fee:   add $75.00 per hour per musician
Special Music Transcription:   add $25.00 per request
Tent: $150 (includes set up and removal)
Mileage:    $50.00 is charged when a musician must drive more than forty five minutes to the site.

Trios or Quartets

Add   $175.00 per hour for each additional musician.

Reservations must be made in advance.
Cancellations later than four weeks prior to reserved engagements will be refunded at one-half the regular fee.
Cancellations later than two weeks prior to reserved dates will not receive a refund.

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