Planning the music for your perfect wedding . . . .

A traditional ceremony:

-Prelude (about 20 minutes)

-Entrances of mothers, attendants, and Bride - choose selections for each

-Your choice of selections during the wedding (interlude music, candle-lighting, etc)

-Two exit or recessional selections

-A selection after the exit or recessional to accommodate guests' leaving, if needed

Consider using Festival Jazz to play during the transition between the wedding ceremony and the reception, and/or play for the reception, also. Check for fees here.

We can accommodate your non-traditional ceremony too!

Choosing the music you want to hear . . . .

Click here for our repertoire list. Generally we choose prelude selections, and you may add what you'd like played also.

You may want to listen to our excerpts to help decide which selections you'd like to have played for your mothers, your attendants, your bridal entrance, any special music during the wedding (for example, while lighting the Unity candle), and your exit.

Let us know your plans . . . .

-What type of ceremony or service will you have?
-Will it be indoors or outdoors?
-We cannot play in direct sunlight and can provide a tent for cover. See fees.
-Do you have alternative arrangements for inclement weather?
(Due to the mechanisms of our musical instruments, we cannot be caught in the rain.)
-How many mothers and grandmothers will be escorted to their seats?
-How many attendants will you have?
-How many flower girls and ring bearers will you have?
-Will everyone enter in pairs, or singly?

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